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Russian granny Ivanna wants to fuck younger guys


We don’t get a lot of Russian MILFs here but we have one today. Her name is Ivanna, and she’s a 53-year-old divorcee and mom from Kiev, born way back when there was such a thing as the Soviet Union. In this scene, she’s quietly seducing Wil who at first isn’t quite sure what’s going on but finds out soon enough when she unbuttons her top and starts sucking his dick. Ivanna has a wet hairy pussy that gets fucked hard, and she’s treated to a facial.

Ivanna enjoys reading and drinking a glass of wine by a fireplace. She says the people who know her back home, especially her children, would be shocked to see her here. She used to be a swinger. Her sexual fantasy is to have sex on top of a roof. She has sex 3 or 4 times a week. she describes herself as sexually passive. But that’s not how she is here. She goes right after Wil’s young dick (he’s young enough to be her son).

Sex with younger men?: “Yes, always.”

She has eaten pussy and had hers eaten. She has long, thin, shapely legs that, at first, are covered in stockings but quickly come off. Her glasses stay on. Very sexy.

Date: November 15, 2020

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